Our collection consists of more than two thousand spoons; the most interesting ones are brought to your attention.

In order to make your browsing comfortable we divided all the spoons into the rubrics which you can see on the right side.

Our target was to give you a detailed account of the spoons which can be found in our internet-museum.

In the very beginning of the list there are silver spoons: Modern silver, Soviet silver, Foreign silver, Royal silver.

They are followed by the spoons made in Russia.

Besides in the rubric Countries and cities you can easily find collection and souvenir spoons from all over the world.

Aluminum and nonferrous metals were the cheapest and the most affordable materials in the time of theSoviet Union. The spoons made from aluminum and nonferrous metals are presented in a separate rubric.

The famous German silver – the alloy of copper, nickel and zinc – a very popular material looking very much like real silver also served as a material for spoons for a long time. The production of spoons made from German silver was forbidden long time ago because of poisonous components in the material but such spoons still can be found in our families.

Large companies often produce brand spoons. We united them in the rubric Companies.

Our internet-museum collects only tea spoons but sometimes among them we can find very interesting ones which are notable for their tiny size. For such spoons – the smallest ones – we created a special rubric.

There are some spoons which can’t be included in any rubric of our catalogue. So you can find them in the rubric Rare spoons.

In the rubric Presents one can see the spoons that were presented to us. You also can make a contribution to our museum.

We considered it to be necessary to create a special rubric for church spoons. There you’ll be able to find much interesting.

Choose the rubric interesting for you and enjoy it!

Yours faithfully Alexander.