About the Project

Several years ago I was cleaning up in my garage. Like all other people I had a lot of old things there that were scattered around. In the corner there was an old chest of drawers. There I put everything that I could lay my hands on and everything that could be useful in future. Once I decided to clear my old chest of drawers from rubbish and unnecessary things. This was the time when I first came across a small beautiful coffee spoon. I was looking at it for a long time and I was thinking of how I could use it. Without making any decision I put it back to the chest of drawers together with some other trinkets.

Several years passed. After my trip to Anapa-city I gathered my friends together to present them some souvenirs which I had brought from the sea. All of a sudden a little spoon fell out from my bag. I didn’t know how it had got there but I remembered that I had already seen it in my hotel room but then I hadn’t attached any value to this. So that was the beginning! Today our collection already has quite many spoons. All of them are different and every spoon has its own history. During many years of making the collection some details have been forgotten but the history of the most interesting spoons is certainly remembered.

I infected my father and my friends with this interesting collecting.

My friends don’t have to rack their brains thinking about the birthday present for me. Everyone brings me spoons from different journeys. And I don’t leave the favour unanswered. I name every spoon after the person who presented it to me.

I collect only little spoons made from metal.

Now my friends who help me to make this internet museum and me have the following aim – to show and to tell you in the most captivating way how interesting and surprising little spoons can be.

We didn’t think over the name of the site for a long time. Everything began with the chest of drawers. And the “chest of drawers” in Russian sounds like “kamod”.

Yours faithfully Alexander.