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Producer country: Tsarist Russia

Material, production method: Silver

Description: On the handle there is a monogram ЗПН

Dating: The beginning of the XIXth century

Hallmark: П.САЗИКОВЪ – Pavel Sazikov, the merchant of the third guild, the founder of his own company. His workshop was famous since 1793 to 1810. In 1810 he organized a factory for producing different silver goods in Moscow. In 1842 he opened a branch factory in St. Petersburg. His son Ignatiy continued his business in Moscow and founded a shop in St. Petersburg. After Ignatiy’s death his sons Pavel and Sergey got business in Moscow (before 18790 and his son Valentin got the shop in St. Petersburg. (1846-1882). The company was the court supplier since 1846. Hallmark 84. Assay master – ИЕ 1883 is unknown.

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